A Grey's Anatomy Cast Member Bid Farewell To The Hospital Drama

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Another season of Grey's Anatomy has come and gone, and with it, another cast member. The Shondaland drama bid farewell to Jerrika Hinton's character Dr. Stephanie Edwards, who left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital during the show's season 13 finale. Now, it's Hinton who is saying goodbye to the beloved series, which she has been a part of since her character was introduced during the show's ninth season in 2012.
Hinton's goodbye is no surprise: it was reported back in February that the actress would not star in season 14 of ABC's long-running medical drama. However, fans were anxiously waiting to hear why her character wouldn't return to the series. Hinton — who will next appear in Alan Ball's upcoming television series Here, Now — may be leaving the series, but unlike so many of her cast member's characters, Stephanie is still alive and well in the Shondaland universe, despite a near-death experience in the finale's tragedy du juor. (This time, it was a fire.) Stephanie is just not too keen on being a doctor anymore — she spent her whole life in hospitals — and so she's peacing out of Seattle to explore the world.
While Stephanie seems solid in her decision, Hinton couldn't help but get emotional about her Grey's Anatomy farewell. The actress took to Instagram to write her goodbye to the show and to fans of her character:
"I am eternally thankful for five seasons of #GreysAnatomy and a graceful departure that underscores the courage it takes to choose yourself. That Stephanie literally walks through fire to reach freedom — her freedom — inspires me. It also makes me curious: What does freedom look like for you, dear viewer? After all, it’s not only the heroics that make her brave, it’s her finally seeing (and seeking) a better path."
She added:
"You fans and viewers are some of the most devoted folks I’ve ever met. Thank you for your endless energy. Bosslady Shonda, Queen Debbie, and entire the Grey’s Anatomy cast and crew forever remain in my heart. The #Shondaland family is a mighty, winding forest. I look forward to seeing you all in another clearing."
Parting may be such sweet sorrow, but at least Stephanie has a chance at coming back for a guest spot. It certainly beats sobbing through another doctor's funeral.

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