The Olsen Twins Defy 90-Degree Heat With A Single Lewk

Time and time again, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have proved their superiority over the human race. When you're in the presence of an Olsen (or, you know, just checking out a paparazzi shot of the duo) it's not uncommon to feel mildly uncomfortable, slightly less-than, and a bit plebeian — in the best way. Yesterday, the moguls exhibited their most defining Olsen twin behavior, basically ever, when they stepped out onto a piping hot New York sidewalk in 90-degree weather wearing actual outerwear. Let's discuss, folks.
Now, we're not exactly sure what life struggle would cause someone to do this to one's self, but it needs to be said that New York weather does not fuck around. Have you ever walked seven city blocks because the capitalist, corrupt MTA subway system is acting up, yet again, forcing you to somehow just accept that your thigh-chafing is just a normal thing? Not that the subterranian alternative is much better: There is literally not a single piece of clothing that can make 90-degree, completely breezeless weather in a concrete subway bunker any better than being above ground. (We've got a hunch that the sisters don't take public transport all that often.) So, we'd say the twosome has officially out-Olsen'd themselves.
While Mary-Kate opted for a classic, tailored, You got it, dude-style getup, Ashley must have caught a breeze (perhaps from a revolving door or something) and felt the need to throw a scarf around her neck. Or, perhaps, a scarf simply fell from an office window above her and landed atop her shoulders, just so. Now, the twins aren't necessarily known for their practicality when it comes to style, but they are known for their unwavering pursuit in the art of being chic. These two won't sacrifice a fashion moment for anything; they're CFDA Award-decorated designers themselves, after all.
We're guessing a particularly cold office building loby or their air conditioned Escalade prompted a look like this. We're going to just succumb to the fact that we are not worthy of Les Olsen Twins, because life is just better that way. But, damn — they look good, don't they?

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