Scandal's Oval Office Had A MAJOR New Detail & We're Obsessed

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Warning: spoilers ahead (vague spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless)...
Last night’s Scandal finale was a stressful one. The ending to season 6 was overwhelmingly filled with twists, turns, and even included the capture of a major character — all before the first commercial break.
And while Olivia did “go dark," she and her Gladiators steered the ship in the right direction. Phew!
Though, in the midst of the Shondaland drama, there was one major detail we all more than likely missed and actress Kerry Washington shared it on her Instagram late last night. “From the rug of MELLIE'S Oval Office. #scandal,” the caption read. Washington then scans across the rug with a major message. It reads: "I believe that the influence of woman will save the country before every other power."

From the rug of MELLIE'S Oval Office. #scandal

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We concur. This is particularly true when it comes to IRL politics too.
During a viewing party for the last two episodes at Paley Center in New York, Washington shared that she actually struggled with playing the new darker, more sinister Olivia Pope.
“I said to Shonda [Rhimes], ‘These last two episodes were very challenging for me,'” she said to E! News. “I really struggled, but it was fun to play with the dark side, to play with dabbling in the ways of my father.”
Though Washington revealed that she knew the day would come when her white hat would turn black and this is in part, thanks to Papa Pope.
“I feel like a couple episodes ago when she says, ‘You don’t take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope takes you,’ it was like, ‘Oh, I’m literally trying on my father’s words,’ and I guess it felt good.”
Is the Oval Office rug reveal an Easter Egg about what’s to come in season 7? We can only hope.

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