Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 11 Recap: "Classic Cars and Vintage Eggs"

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Khloé's absence is conspicuous at the start of this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She's spending all of her time in Cleveland, and the Calabasas crew misses her. "Don't you guys ever feel like part of the three musketeers is missing without your sister?" Kris asks as she joins Kim and Kourtney for lunch. Kim and Kourtney agree. "It is crazy how far she is and how she's not in the mix," Kim says, which is exactly Khloé's biggest fear and why she tried too hard on the Costa Rica trip.
Kim's solution? Plan another getaway. She suggests that it would be "so cute" if they went to Palm Springs. She and Kourtney decide the following weekend when Khloé is in town would be a perfect time. They agree to just the three of them, no kids.
Speaking of kids, Kris gets a strange package delivered from a law firm. A couple with fertility issues is interested in buying one of her eggs. She's flattered. "I do kind of have amazing DNA, and I make amazing children," Kris says. One of those amazing children is not so amazed at the idea. Kourtney reminds us all that her mom is 61 and doesn't have any eggs left to sell.
Khloé's back from Cleveland so the time has come for Kourtney and Kim to sell her on the idea of an overnight in Palm Springs. Kourtney says she just needs a day and half of Khloé's time. Honestly, Khloé isn't that into it. She didn't have a great time with her family in Costa Rica, and she's not looking for a repeat performance. Kourtney goes big when she makes her case. "We could go to the outlets!" Kourtney says. Kim chimes in. "The outlets would be so fun!" she adds. Let's just all take a minute and imagine these ladies at the outlet mall, in the desert, right off Highway 10. Khloé gives in. She wants to be a good sport, so the desert getaway is a go. They set out for the oasis in the desert in an unmarked black car. Their goal is to make it a paparazzi-free night. So far, so good, so they stop at the dinosaurs in Cabazon and have a Pee-Wee's Big Adventure flashback moment.
It's been a while since we've checked in with Rob and his issues, so this week is as good a time as any. He and Dream make a stop at Kris's house. Kim asks what's going on with him and Chyna. "I'm confused," Rob says. He's struggling with the idea of family in his head and the truth of his relationship in reality. "My goal is to have a family and for that family to be together," he says. Kris is on board with that plan but doesn't see it happening unless Rob makes a change. Luckily for him, his mother has just the thing. She knows a guy from Dubai who knows a guy that's a life coach, and she thinks a life coach might be exactly what Rob needs. "I'm always open to new things," Rob says, but then corrects himself. "I mean, not in the past, but now because I think I have to change how I do things." Kris arranges for Rob to meet Jamel, his new life coach/BFF. Jamel promises to be Rob's "homie." Kris declares it a budding bromance when Jamel says, "I personally like to break bread over a game of "Madden.""
Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé check in their hotel in Palm Springs then switch from the most inconspicuous car in town to the most conspicuous car in town. Kourtney has rented a vintage Chevy Bel-Air for them. It's all fun and games until it breaks down on the road and Kim and Khloé have to get out and push. Kim is afraid that people will see them, take pictures, tip off the paparazzi, and ruin their low-key weekend.
Back at Kris's house, Faye Resnick has dropped by for a photo op/coffee. Kris wants to tell her about this ridiculous egg scenario; only Kris doesn't seem to realize (or she's fully committing to the comedy of this sketch) how ridiculous this is. She's giddy telling Faye all about the "royal family" that wants to buy her DNA. Resnick plays her part of kooky best friend, toeing the line of good taste when she says, "Didn't Kim freeze some eggs?" Are viewers supposed to laugh when Kim's mom pauses for a second at the suggestion of selling her daughter's eggs and doesn't look as horrified as she should? Is it better or worse when Kris follows that up by imagining having a child grow up in a castle in Europe?
The Palm Springs adventure isn't going so well for Khloé. Her sisters walk off while she's talking to them in a vintage store. "Nobody seems to care," she says. She also says they do it all the time. "I don't know if that means that I talk too much or if I don't talk about the right things." Either way, this isn't her jam. Back at the hotel, Kim is drifting off for an early night. "That's what people do in Palm Springs. They go to bed early," Kim says. No way Khloé is going to let that happen. "I think in my sisters' old age they need a reminder about how to have fun," Khloé says. They end up having a fun, slumber party type night. "This isn't really the the most turnt up type of thing, but I'll take what I can get," she explains. Turnt up or not, she wants her sisters to know that she chooses to be best friends with them and genuinely enjoys hanging out.
The Rob and Jamel buddy comedy is hitting its stride back in Los Angeles. For example:
Jamel asks how many kids Rob wants to have.
Rob: My mom handled five.
Jamel: Six
Rob: Five.
Jamel: Six.
Rob (grinning): Six.
Cue the laugh track.
Jamel gets down to the business of life coaching. He's got a white board and everything. He charts the Rob and Chyna "Path to Paradise." He challenges Rob on Rob's status quo then pulls out a heavy metaphor. "When you aimlessly walk in the desert, you get delusional," Jamel says. (When you break down in the desert in a Chevy Bel-Air, Kim Kardashian West gets out to push, but that's another story.) "We're trying to figure out what's real and what's not real," he says, not only giving Rob some advice but seeing into the minds of the viewers at home.
The Bel-Air gets another chance when Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé decide to visit their grandparents' former home. The current owner welcomes them in and tells them that he is known around town as the man who bought the Kardashian house. It's genuinely nice to see to see these women back in a familiar place from before they were famous. The scene is broken up with home movie footage which only adds to the nostalgia vibe. Kim takes a grapefruit from the tree, and they say goodbye to Palm Springs.
The apparent authenticity of Palm Springs is shattered by the surreal shenanigans at Kris's house in the final moments of the show. Kris tells Kim, Kourtney, and Kylie that she went to see Dr. Wong (Kim's fertility doctor) to ask if she could have a viable egg. Kim is justifiably horrified. "That ship has sailed and it's in the Bermuda triangle and at the bottom of the ocean," Kim says. Kris admits how silly she's been acting, but not before saying that Dr. Wong told her she would be able to carry a baby to term. "If you're dying to carry a baby, then you should carry Kim's," Kourtney says. Kris, loving the attention, says she would totally do that if she could, but it would be too dangerous.
Luckily, Kourtney is there to bring her mom back to earth. "I already offered myself, so don't act like you're the only Mother Teresa here," Kourtney says.

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