This Cream Will Replace Your Crunchy Sea Salt Spray This Summer

There's exactly one month until the official start of summer, which means a ton of new sea salt sprays are arriving on the beauty scene. "This one is the best you'll ever use," they'll say. And it very well could be — but we're not banking on it.
Now, there are certainly amazing new salt sprays out there, and for or some, they really do deliver enviable body and vacation-inspired, messy texture. But for the rest of us, the result is best described as dry and crusty, and doused with synthetic coconut fragrance. Not exactly the fastest path to feeling like Kate Upton on a tropical Sports Illustrated shoot. Luckily, we found something to replace our salty sprays. Enter: Fatboy's Sea Salt Pomade.
The newest Fatboy launch marries the strong hold of a pomade and the piece-y style of a salt spray, without smelling like the underbelly of a starfish-covered rock. Plus, it actually gave my hair a tousled finish that wasn't dry or crunchy. Translation: It's a great option for those with dry, coarse, curly, or color-treated hair — or anyone that finds salt sprays too drying, but still craves a tousled look.
How? The salt is nicely balanced with hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, so your hair is left nourished and soft. Even better, it smells sexy (like California surfer sexy) and feels like a cream when massaged into the palm of your hand. Just don't let the smell take you over, it's still best limited to your ends while you get the hang of it. The best part? Summer may be 31 days away, but this baby is available right now. We're comin' for you, summer.
Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade, $21, available at Fatboy.
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