The Supermodel's Guide To Crushing It At Cannes

The models have descended on the French Riviera, and they're living their best lives. While at the Cannes Film Festival, a squad of our favorite Instagram-famous faces will arrive (and depart) via yachts (to be captured by the awaiting paparazzi), walk at least one red carpet in the finest gowns and unbelievably expensive jewelry, and luxuriate in the lap of luxury. Presumably, they'll watch some films and drink some fine wines, but they’ll mostly just continue to make us extremely jealous of their Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous. And just a few hours in, they’ve already succeeded. Just look at their #OOTDs.
Now, there's a base level of fabulousness that comes with the whole pretense of simply going to Cannes: rubbing shoulders with Marion Cotillard and Jessica Chastain, basking in the sun-soaked coasts of the Mediterranean, and so forth. But if you're a Hadid, Baldwin, or Ratajkowski, the ante is upped even further, to new, designer-clad heights. The models have been stepping out in silky separates, pointy-toed stilettos, delicate top-handle handbags — and that’s just for lunch. Clearly, they didn't take those invitations to coastal France lightly, and “vacation” and “off-duty” style just wasn't going to cut it.
Sure, their looks may be a few (okay, maybe way more) notches above what we might pack for a summertime getaway, but it certainly sets a new standard for aspirational travel style. Allons-y!

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