Harry Styles Is Hilarious As The Host Of The Late Late Show With James Corden

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS.
Harry Styles is British — which means he has no qualms about poking fun at the current state of American politics. During his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Styles delivered an opening monologue that took aim at President Trump.
"Of course, the big story today is that Donald Trump shared secret information with the Russians last week," Styles said on The Late Late Show. "The good news for Trump is that he has been named employee of the month by Russia."
Styles' monologue took aim at former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, too. "Experts are calling it bold, ambitious, and six months too late," Styles said of Clinton's new political group, Onward Together. The former One Directioner delivered the political jokes with perfect timing, and the audience appeared to love it.
Aside from the political jokes, Styles made some good old-fashioned dad jokes, too. When discussing the alleged Disney hack, in which hackers are reportedly threatening to release Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales illegally, Styles called it a "pirated video." The "Sign of the Times" singer couldn't even make it through that joke without laughing. And there were plenty more pirate-related puns where that one came from.
Plenty of fans praised Styles' monologue on Twitter, even with its cheesy puns.
Fans who loved Styles' monologue are in luck — his Late Late Show residency is continuing through Thursday, May 18. The episode wasn't all politics and bad puns, either. Styles also had an awkward reaction to the mention of Kendall Jenner's name. Plus, he did the hilarious segment below, called "Side Effects May Include, with Harry Styles." The clip parodies drug ads, but with a twist. Oh, and Styles also juggled during the episode. Is there anything he can't do?
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