This Device Is Like A Breathalyzer For Your Skin

Ah, technology — the ultimate love-hate relationship. Recently, it's given us enough sweat-inducing news alerts to last a lifetime, but it's also introduced us to some pretty incredible innovations, especially within the beauty sphere. For the most part, the latest gizmos and gadgets have focused mainly on zapping away skin concerns like acne, dark circles, and body hair, and left folks who suffer from dryness out of luck. Until now.
The latest device comes from skin-care brand H2o+, and — as you might have guessed from the company's name — it's all about detecting your skin's hydration levels in order to lead you to the right moisturizer. If the science sounds familiar, that's because it is: The MiLi Skin Moisture Meter is similar to a machine you can find at Sephora's New York City flagship store, but the difference is that this tool is palm-sized — like a little USB drive, only cuter and with way more beauty benefits.
Here's how it works: Download the MiLi Pure app on your phone, connect to Bluetooth, and hold the device to your skin for five seconds. Once you release, you'll get a percentage number — that's your skin reading. The lower the number, the dryer your skin. You can also get different moisture readings on your body versus your face.
And it actually works. The skin on my forehead, for example, was "normal," with a 31.4% reading; my nose, however, was "dry" at 23.8%. (What the hell I'm doing differently in those areas, I will never understand.) Luckily, the app offers tips and tricks for taking care of your complexion, plus product recommendations (from H2o+ only, though).
If you want in, you can get the gadget for free with any purchase of the brand's Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream or Hydrating Treatment for $49. If nothing else, the app can just serve as a distraction from when you need a break from CNN and Bumble.

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