This Is How Everyone On Pretty Little Liars Is Related

Photo: Ron Tom/Freeform
Pretty Little Liars has a family tree more complicated than anything on Game Of Thrones. The Freeform series, which is chugging towards its epic conclusion on June 27, knows exactly how to make jaws drop. And often that involves pulling a secret family connection out of the ether. The teen drama has introduced a (potentially) evil twin, a secret cousin/sister, and even a bizarre egg donor situation that may make you feel a little nauseous.
With the series promising we'll get every single one of our answers by the end of the season, there's bound to be even more family surprises ahead. Will we finally learn if Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has her own twin? Will we discover that the father of Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) baby is a beloved character? Will Peter Hastings (Nolan North) reveal that he's fathered even more children?  (Seriously, dude...didn't you learn your lesson the first time?!?)
The truth is certainly out there — but before we get it, let's finally clear up who is related to who on this show. Because, let's be honest: It's not easy to remember who shares DNA on this series.

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