If You Aren't Using These iPhone Photo Hacks, Snap To It

Photo: Getty Images.
As easy as it is to open your camera app and take a photo on your iPhone, getting the shot you want isn't always so simple. Often, light is the culprit, creating glare where you don't want it and washing out otherwise Insta-worthy shots.
But there are plenty of professional photographers who only take photos on their iPhones and share them on Instagram, so you know that there has to be a way around the natural obstacles a scene throws in your way. This week, Apple launched a new website packed with tips for tackling the most challenging scenarios. Sixteen short videos break down everything from shooting during the golden hour to taking a vertical Pano.
Some of the videos, such as "how to shoot a unique angle" and "how to shoot a one-handed selfie" offer tips that are more practical than technical, but others solve problems that are serious threats to an A-plus Instagram game. Ahead, we pick five of our favorites and paired them with "shot on iPhone" images that make the grade.
Head here to brush up on the rest of the quick lesson plan; then, put your new skills into practice and school the competition.

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