Badass Girl Characters We'll Always Love

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
This Friday, Anne Shirley will usher in a new generation of fans with the release of Anne with an E, Netflix's spin on Lucy Maud Montgomery's beloved Anne of Green Gables book series. The puffed sleeve enthusiast checks off many of the fictional girl role model boxes: she's an orphan, favors pigtails, and has attitude and pluck to spare. Young girls could do worse than be absorbed by a character who champions creativity, daydreaming, and the power of the imagination — and, you know what? So could we. Consider us in binge-watch mode.
Of course, the pride and joy of Prince Edward Island isn't the only inspirational young lady from our youth. Think of Pippi Longstocking's brazen independence and disdain for rules and authority, or Punky Brewster's sassy survivalism and flair for fashion. Little Women's Jo March chopped off her hair for money, then chose her career over cutie pie Laurie. Girlboss THAT.
Though the pint-sized protagonists of our childhood could have definitely presented more in the way of diversity, we're grateful to have grown up with these brainiacs, spitfires, and provocateurs. Here's to sharing them with the next generation — and to picking up some new ones along the way.
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