Gal Gadot Had The Best Reaction To The MTV Movie & TV Awards Opening

Host Adam Devine's opening number at the MTV Movie & TV Awards was, to put it mildly, a lot. Devine dressed up as Beauty and the Beast's titular beast, and plenty of other stars joined him onstage. The audience reactions were mixed — Hugh Jackman looked totally thrilled with the musical number, but Gal Gadot looked less enthralled.
After Devine made a Wonder Woman joke, Gadot didn't make much effort to laugh politely. (To be fair, the whole number, like most of the show so far, really wasn't funny.)
Of course, Twitter fans watching the show were quick to point out Gadot's hilarious reaction. It was more entertaining than the actual "Beauty and the Beast" song, which featured the punchline of "Movies and TV" rather than "Beauty and the Beast."
Here's a closeup of Gadot's reactions during the song. It's priceless.
Screenshot via Maia Efrem/Refinery29.
Screenshot via Maia Efrem/Refinery29.
Gadot's reaction wasn't the only awkward thing about the opening number, either. When the other actors joined Devine for the parody, it was an unfortunate choice that Rebel Wilson ended up playing Mrs. Potts. It's probably not how MTV intended it to look, but it's not great that the plus-size actress just happened to be the performer whose body was obscured by a giant teapot. (Her line was a joke about it, too — "I wanted to look hot, I'm wearing a teapot" was Wilson's big song lyric.) Hailee Steinfeld, meanwhile, starred as Belle in the parody.
Audience reactions tend to be the best part of awards shows, and it looks like that's shaping up to be true at tonight's awards. Hopefully, there are many reactions to come that are as great as Gadot's was.
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