Daughter Wears Mom's Prom Dress 22 Years Later

They say fashion is cyclical, which explains why skinny jeans come and go and chokers are back on starlets these days. But high school senior Ally Johnson is proving that it's just a matter of time for all trends — she wore her mom's prom dress two decades after it made its debut.
The Huffington Post reports that the gown in question was a pretty simple affair: a tank-style black dress with silver embellishment. Ally's mom, Lori, wore it in 1995. According to the prom-goer, who wore the dress on April 22, it didn't need a single alteration.
"It is very stretchy, which made it fit perfectly," she told HuffPo. "I was surprised because my mom had a very different build than I did when she was in high school."
Proving that moms are almost always right, Lori told HuffPo that she'd suggested the dress for a few proms, but Ally didn't go for it. This year, it was a different story. Ally purchased a few dresses online, but when they arrived, they didn't work out. That's when Lori suggested the old dress one more time. This time, Ally tried it on — and fell in love with it.
"I dug the dress out and tried it on, and I loved it instantly," Ally told HuffPo.
Of course, Ally posted her prom-night look to Twitter and it started to go viral. How could this combination of nostalgia and fashion not get the attention of the internet? Ally's tweet has already earned over 3,000 Likes. In the post, she compiled a few snapshots of her mom wearing the dress as well as a couple from her own magical night. The mother and daughter bear more than just a passing resemblance and it looks like Ally even took a few styling cues from her fashionable mom.
Ally adds that she's keeping the dress. Not only for the memories, but because she hopes that maybe her own daughter will want to wear it someday. By wearing her mom's dress, Ally hopes that she's started a new family tradition. Seeing as how she's proven that fashion really does repeat itself, it's probably a wise decision.
"Hopefully my daughter will be willing to wear it to her senior prom," Ally said.

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