Kristen Bell Makes All The Rules On Mother's Day

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During an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Baby2Baby & Tiny Prints Mother's Day Party in Los Angeles on Saturday, Kristen Bell shared her favorite way to celebrate the holiday.
"Other than being the boss that day, no [we don't have any traditions]," Bell joked. "It’s pretty casual. We do a pretty good job of celebrating each other throughout the year, but I will be making all the decisions that day -- what we eat, when we nap, et cetera!"
She went on to say that they often keep the day pretty laid back by celebrating at home. With Mother’s Day fast approaching the actress, who has a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old with her husband Dax Shephard, also shared another tradition she has with her two daughters.
"We often talk about the fact that we're very lucky to have dinner on the table every night, and to all be together and to have a roof over our heads, and I feel like as young as they are, my girls actually understand that," she explained to ET. at The Mother’s Day party Bell was at was put on by Homeboy Industries alongside Baby2Baby who work to provide low-income families with diapers, clothing, and basic necessities.
Since having kids, Bell has prioritized being present in their lives. In an interview with E! News she said, “My first priority is to stay territorial of my family time. So when I have the luxury of looking at a job and seeing if it shoots out of town, I’m probably not going to do it,” citing awful hours and extended periods of time away from her kids as reasons for turning down projects.
Bell credits her daughters for giving her a new perspective. “They’ve taught me to slow down, stay in the moment,” she told ET. “There’s nothing that will make you present like having a child, because, for me, the lesson I learned when I had my babies is it right sized all my problems.”
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