Kristen Bell Organized A Frozen Promposal That Will Melt Your Heart

Photo: Randy Holmes/ABC/Getty Images.
Did your date ask you to prom by awkwardly mumbling “Hey so uh, wanna like, go to the prom or whatever?” in front of your locker? Ours too! Unlike us, one lucky high-schooler named Sara got a Frozen-themed promposal of fairy tale proportions, complete with rainbow confetti banners and Kristen Bell belting out a joke about Michael Cera. All on live TV!
On Thursday evening, Kristen Bell guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! and she couldn’t leave us hanging without a Frozen reference. Bell, who voiced the character Anna in the wildly popular 2013 Disney film, calls herself the “blonde Oprah” in this segment hilariously titled “The Fast and the Frozenest.” The whole scheme is an elaborate ruse for Sara’s friend Michael to ask her to prom.
First, Bell selects two audience members to a play a game. One is Sara, the other is Zoe, an actress who is pretending to be Sara’s competitor. Zoe and Sara are haphazardly outfitted in microphones and Frozen dresses - naturally, Sara wears Anna’s dress. The two girls are then told that if they find Kristoff on the streets of Hollywood Avenue, they win a prize. They hurry out of the studio, where Bell tells us that Sara’s family and Michael arranged the entire promposal in secret.
Sara finds someone wearing a Kristoff costume and drags him back into the live TV set, where he pulls off the giant mask. Sara is both confused and excited, and Bell begins singing “Do you want to be his prom date?/Michael wants so much for you to go to prom.” Before she can finish the song, Sara says “yes!” Michael, as you can imagine, looks relieved. The teens, who both have never been on a date before, are then given a prize package, including a stretch limo for their very first date. No word yet on whether their school prom itself is Frozen-themed, though you can bet they’ll be the envy of the dance.
While we all not-patiently wait for the Frozen sequel, check out the video below.
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