12 Movie Proms That Were Way More Fun Than Your Own

For many of us, prom was a landmark in our coming-of-age narrative. Everyone has their own prom stories, triumphs, and traumas. Did you have a dreamy kiss under the twinkling hotel ballroom lights? Did your date ditch you for your best friend? Did you gracefully abstain from prom, and head to the beach instead?
There’s a reason why prom holds such a significant place in a person’s young life. For a second there, you're not a kid: You're royalty in an off-the-shoulder sequined dress. While your older, more cynical self might look back with an eye roll, never forget what a momentous occasion prom, and your reaction to it, were.
Given that prom is so central to a high schooler's imagination, teen movies have been imagining the ultimate school dance ever since Grease. Here are the movie proms that, for all their excitement and mayhem, were everything you wish yours would be like when you were getting ready.

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