When These Celebrities Do Prom, They Do It Well

Rachel Murray/Getty Images
From sequin dresses to date disasters, everyone has a prom story — but these celebrity proms are something else.
In a world where fads change faster than you can say Pokémon Go, prom remains an eternal tradition. And prom season, that magical time in America when teenagers across the country emerge from their winter slumber and get decked to the nines, is just around the corner.
From sea to shining sea, prom acts as the receptacle for every teenager's wildest imaginings. For one night, life might be a little bit more glamorous. Not even celebrities, who live with a certain constant degree glamor, are impervious to the pull of prom night.
So, break out your formalwear and get into your time machine. Let's go back in time to this single night poised on the cusp of adulthood. See how it all went down for stars like Delilah Belle, Kylie Jenner, and more.

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