The Best Movies To Watch If You Love Mean Girls

Just because you love Mean Girls doesn't make you a mean girl. In fact, it probably means that you have a pretty solid group of girlfriends whom you can rely on, and that you all have great movie taste.
For me, the best part of movies like Mean Girls is the nostalgic high school clique-y aspect of it all. The Plastics, as awful as they acted, were one of the original girl groups. They were fierce, they knew how to get in formation, and they were #squadgoals, even at their worst. They represent a really formative time in a girl's life, and there's something sort of empowering about their strength in numbers.
So if you're sick and tired of watching Cady Heron fall into a trash can again, or could redraw a replica of the school cafeteria map, or if you've memorized the whole Kenny G rap — then it might be time to move on. But don't worry, we've got your back.
Here are all the movies you will love if you're a Mean Girls fanatic.
They'll hold you over until that elusive Broadway remake of the film comes out.

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