A Say Yes To The Dress Bride Walked Into Kleinfeld's With Her Fiancé's Wife

A bride just went wedding dress shopping alongside her fiancé's wife — and nope, that's not the opening scene of an episode of Sister Wives. Instead, it's a clip from a new episode of Say Yes To The Dress: The very first to feature a polygamist couple.
One of the comforting things about Say Yes To The Dress is that you often know what to expect from the TLC series. Usually, it works like this: a soon-to-be bride goes into Kleinfeld's bridal salon and tries on a bunch of dresses as her mother criticizes the gowns' neckline. Eventually, "the" dress is discovered, and the almost-wifey bursts into tears.
Things go a little differently in this clip, which was made available via People. Here, Kleinfeld consultant Debbie Asprea is surprised to learn that bride Jennifer is shopping for her princess dress alongside both her soon-to-be husband Peter and Ellen, whom Peter is already married to.
"Okay, now I'm a little bit confused," said Asprea when presented with the two women.
While the details of Jennifer's upcoming nuptials were not discussed — one can assume that the pair won't legally be married, as Peter and Ellen have seemingly never divorced — Jennifer proudly proclaims that the trio is a part of a "polygamist couple." Jennifer explains to Asprea that Ellen allowed Peter to find a new partner after Ellen suffered from OCD symptoms that caused her to feel uncomfortable with intimacy.
"This is something that I sort of pushed," said Ellen of their new relationship. "I wanted to make sure [Peter] was okay."
While polyamory may seem unusual to some, it's actually growing in popularity. According to a recent study, 1 in 5 Americans have been in a non-monogamous relationship, as Ellen, Jennifer, and Peter are.
It may still seem taboo to be committed to more than one individual, but it seems to be working for this trio. The only bummer? A third person in this throuple means one more opinion to consider when picking out a wedding dress.

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