The Internet Can’t Tell Bradley Cooper From His Stunt Double (& Neither Can We)

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
A great stunt team is a key ingredient for many Hollywood films. The brave and talented stunt doubles jump out of burning buildings, throw punches in fight scenes, and even hang from wires for their celebrity counterparts. The only thing is, sometimes the stunt doubles don't look anything like the person they're portraying (see: this terrifying mask of Harry Styles' face used in the filming of Dunkirk). But stunt doubles are perfect — so perfect, in fact, that they look more like their legit twin.
Meet Bradley Cooper's doppelgänger stunt double for A Star Is Born. They are twins. Whoever was in charge of casting this bearded mystery man (who would also make a fantastic stunt double for Matthew McConaughey if he hasn't already) did an incredible job. The Daily Mail claims that the unnamed stunt man is more attractive that Cooper, but we're just gonna stick with the fact that we wouldn't be able to tell these two apart in a dimly lit bar.
In addition to the internet, and us, not being able to tell the difference between these two bearded men in button-ups, we are also a little confused about what his stunt double could be doing in Cooper's role as an alcoholic and fading country music star named Jackson Maine. Perhaps there is a motorcycle stunt? Or maybe a drunken fall that could be dangerous to the new dad? Either way, A+ casting, guys. It looks like more than one star was born on this set.

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