Drop Everything, Because The Guy Who Played Zero In Holes Has An Instagram You Need To See

I still remember when the movie adaptation of Louis Sachar's Holes hit theaters. It was a big freaking deal, mostly because everyone's favorite Disney Channel kid, Shia Labeouf, was starring in one of his first major movies. (This was before he went the performance artist/Lars Von Trier muse career route.) One person you probably didn't follow after the film was over? Khleo Thomas, who portrayed adorable, shrimpy Zero in the flick. Now, Buzzfeed reveals that we've been missing out — because Thomas is like, really, really ridiculously good-looking.
Yes, little Zero, who is currently a 28-year-old adult, grew up and now looks like this:

Why so serious ? #SlickLiving #Bearbrick1000

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Okay, so I may have missed out on this epic glow-up, but that's not to say no one was paying attention to Thomas. The dude currently has more than 210,000 followers on Instagram, and currently runs a Snapchat operation called Slick Living TV that seemingly provides brands access to over 20,000 followers. It's not the only use of the Slick Living name: He also has an online store that sells apparel, some of which is Holes related! (Sadly, most of the merchandise, including a shirt listing the names of the campers from the movie, is sold out.)

Be you. Always. slicklivingtv@gmail.com

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In addition to selling tees and collecting followers left and right, Thomas is also a rapper. He reps Slick Living in his music video for"Where Do We Begin," and, I'll be honest: I definitely do not hate this song.
It sounds like Thomas really understands the branding game, and he's come a long way from his Holes days. (You definitely would not have to carry this guy up a mountain.) That's not to say that he has forgotten where he comes from. Thomas recently shared this pic of his curly-haired, denim-jacket days (aka the early '00s) and it will send you into a nostalgia tailspin:

Caption This:

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Zero forever.

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