Animated Shows On Netflix For When You're Over The Real World

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
Sometimes, you’re in the mood for a deep, dark family drama. And other times, the human race’s darker truths are a bit too much to bear. In cases when laughter takes priority over reality, there’s no better genre to turn to than cartoons. But I’m not talking about Saturday morning road runner cartoons, or Nick at Nite shows you put on for the nostalgia rush.
These animated films and TV shows can actually be incredibly smart, compelling, and witty. They have the flexibility of fantasy that “real” shows and movies don’t. And best of all, they allow for boundless imagination, without the cost of special effects.
Don’t feel infantile while watching cartoons, even if you’re above the age of 12. Put ‘em on the background when friends are over. Zone out when you need to unwind. Jump around from season to season for the best episode. Mostly, just have fun.
Here's the best TV and feature-length animation on Netflix for adults.
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