The 11 Best Adult Cartoons To Watch When You’re Over The Real World

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for a true crime series, or a gritty documentary. And other times, the darker truths about the human race are a bit too much to bear. When escapism takes priority over reality, there’s no better genre to turn to than adult cartoons.
The Simpsons had its moment, but there have been heaps of adult cartoons and animated TV shows since then that are incredibly smart, compelling and witty (and no, Rick and Morty isn't one of them.) They have the flexibility of fantasy that “real” shows and movies don’t, and best of all, they allow for boundless imagination, without the cost of special effects.
Adult cartoons are perfect for when you need to unwind. Like the Saturday morning cartoons of our youth, the best adult cartoons allow you to escape reality for a couple of hours. Ahead, here are our favourites.
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