UC Berkeley Students Can Now Spend Their Tuition On Learning Dothraki

Photo: Hbo/REX/Shutterstock.
College kids' parents are gonna love this one. University of California, Berkeley is offering a rather unusual class in its 2017 summer session. Students at the school are signing up for new course on how to speak Dothraki, as The Wrap reported. Yes, we're talking about the Game of Thrones language that Khal Drogo and his people speak when they're not expressively grunting, galloping bareback across the land, or falling in love with fair-haired, dragon-owning Khaleesis.
And who better to helm the course than the master of Dothraki himself — the man who actually created the language from scratch, David J. Peterson. In 2005, HBO hired the linguistics scholar to design the mother tongue of Drogo and his fellow Khals, according to Berkeley News. Peterson describes the language as a mixture of Arabic and Spanish. (He also constructed the High Valyrian language.)
The esteemed professor will teach the three-part course on the UC Berkeley campus, four days a week, from May 22 to June 30. That's a lot of Dothraki. Think of it as a way to pass the time between now and the season 7 premiere on July 16. But if you have no plans of subletting a place for a couple months in Berkeley this summer, don't worry. Peterson has got you covered — read on to see how.

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