The Internet Is Obsessed With This Shady Bird Meme

Buzzfeed just uncovered your new favorite meme, and it's perfect for all those times you feel like being just a little bit shady.
The photo of the Muscovy duck has gone viral, with Buzzfeed reporting that it was first found on Russian social media sites. The possibly Photoshopped animal (Buzzfeed notes that its eyes look a little different than any old, non-mischievous Muscovy duck) soon made its way to Tumblr and Twitter, where it lived as an example of your shadiest antics.
This meme is perfect because it can mean a billion different things. On one hand, Muscovy duck is here to judge you, with an oddly curled lip and raised brow. (Wait, do ducks have eyebrows? Why does this duck look like it has eyebrows?!?) On the other, this new meme looks like it's also in on your worst behavior. It has no qualms about you stealing all the good candy from the company candy bowl, and knows when your sister is lying to your mom about where she was at 3 a.m.
Obviously, the internet is using the duck to its full advantage. Here are some of the most hilarious tweets:
It has been a great week for those who feel like tossing around buckets of shade. The Muscovy duck meme comes on the heels of the discovery of an old interview of Victoria Justice, who was not here for praise of her co-star Ariana Grande's beautiful singing voice. In the new video circulating the internet, Elizabeth Gillies, who plays Jade on Victorious, begins waxing poetic about how Grande can't stop, won't stop singing, Justice, who was standing next to the pair in the interview, rolled her eyes and said: "I think we all sing."
Hmm... can we respond to this with a photo of the shady Muscovy duck, because, we see you, Justice.

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