An Old Victoria Justice Interview Is The Internet's New Favorite Meme

Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images.
On the internet, everything is forever. And if we've learned anything from that viral Cole Sprouse tweet, it's that young stars often say things they live to regret.
That said, Victoria Justice probably wishes a years-old interview about Victorious wasn't the internet's new favorite meme.
Apparently, the cast speculated about which Victorious stars loved spontaneous singing during video interviews about the show. Most of them agreed that it was Ariana Grande — but Justice wasn't so sure.
As BuzzFeed explains, the meme started when a Twitter user uncovered an old Victorious interview and posted it online. In the clip, Elizabeth Gillies, who played Jade West on the show, says that Grande sings everything. "One thing you don't know about Ariana Grande is that she literally sings everything. She's starting to forget how to talk in her own voice, because she sings everything. And it's a good thing, because she has a beautiful voice. But it's awesome. She sings absolutely everything. She never stops," Gillies tells the camera.
Meanwhile, Justice stands next to with a polite smile as Gillies gushes about Grande. When Daniella Monet interjects to say that Gillies also sings, Justice interjects, "I think we all sing."
We can't say for sure that Justice wanted to shade Grande — but that's definitely how the internet sees the clip. There's also a longer interview in which the Victorious stars are asked which cast member is most likely to break into spontaneous song — and everyone except Justice says that Grande is.
Naturally, "we all sing" was quickly meme-ified. People began inserting Justice's reaction into all kinds of fake conversations, with hilarious results.
Other clever Twitter users applied the meme to Grande's own song lyrics.
The memes only got more and more ridiculous.
Twitter even brought Nicki Minaj into the mix.
And people used the meme to troll Justice's own tweets.
Now, all we need is for Justice herself to post the photo and prove she's in on the joke for it to come full circle. Or, you know, Ryan Murphy could take inspiration from the meme.

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