Nick Cannon Went On The Wendy Williams Show Literally Shirtless With A Turban

Nick Cannon made his debut on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday. Judging by the reactions on Twitter, fans were pleased with his interview, with some people even saying it was Williams' best episode ever. Tea was spilled. Shade was thrown.
But what really has people talking is Cannon's attire of choice for the appearance. The rapper and actor wore what appears to be a leather jacket — without a shirt underneath — and a turban. You can see Cannon's outfit in the photos below, captured by Refinery29's Maia Efrem.
Why, exactly, did Cannon choose to wear a jacket without a shirt? We may never know the truth, but here are a few guesses.
Cannon wanted to shade Ludacris. The "Vitamin D" rapper was mocked online for using CGI abs in his music video. Maybe Cannon wanted to show that his abs are the real deal.
He was just in a hurry. Perhaps in the rush to get to the studio, Cannon grabbed a jacket for today's cloudy New York weather, forgetting that he didn't have anything to go with it. (If that sounds like a stretch, it's not — I once made it an entire subway ride without realizing I was wearing two different shoes.)
He took the "hot seat" thing literally. Anything's hotter with some gratuitous skin, right?
Of course, this isn't the first time Cannon has sported a turban for a public interview. In January, he told Ellen DeGeneres that he's chosen to wear them to promote "cultural understanding," during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Cannon encouraged other people to wear turbans, too, in an effort to "embrace differences."
"I wanna represent my inner king, and to do it in a fly way," Cannon told People in November, referencing the turbans. "It's a great conversation piece, but it also allows me to express that spiritual side… I have a good time with it, but it actually does mean a lot to me."
As for the interview itself, Cannon didn't shy away from telling a story about his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. When Williams asked what the most diva thing she's ever done is, Cannon said that Carey "shut the whole hospital down" and make him play her own music as their twins were born. He told the story while laughing, though — it was clearly all in good fun. Apparel aside, we wouldn't mind seeing more Cannon on talk shows in the future.

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