John Legend's Relationship Advice Is Equal Parts Mature & Sexy

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If BuzzFeed U.K.'s interview with Legend is any indication, it's no surprise that the couple's relationship always looks so perfect. The way he talks about his wife is how everyone should talk about their partner. Legend answered reader-submitted relationship questions for BuzzFeed, and his answers are heartwarming.
When one person asked if he and Teigen ever get jealous or competitive with each other's success, he emphatically shot down the suggestion. "I love it when my wife is successful. I love with when she's doing something she's enjoying," Legend told BuzzFeed. "You should always want your partner to feel fulfilled and happy in what they're doing. And you shouldn't feel jealous if they're getting joy from something other than you, because it can make your relationship better."
He also had a great response to a fan who asked whether he and Teigen get "tired of each other" after being together for years. "I'm lucky I'm with a very exciting, dynamic woman. If she wasn't, I don't know how easy it would be," Legend told BuzzFeed. "But I am with someone who's funny and clever, and we get to travel a lot and do a lot of exciting things. But I think you have to make some effort, too — you can't just expect it to unfold that way. You need to go on dates, you need to do things that make you remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place."
One BuzzFeed reader asked Legend how he helped Teigen with her postpartum depression, and his answer was incredibly thoughtful. "You know it's not your fault, it's not your wife's fault – she didn't do anything wrong to make her feel this way, it's sometimes just how your body works," he told BuzzFeed. "You just have to help each other, support each other, and you'll get through it." That's not the full answer, but it sums up how much he cares about his wife.
Check out the full Q&A over at BuzzFeed — it's worth reading through all of Legend's sweet comments.

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