Comedian Whitney Cummings Teases New Book Cover

Actress Whitney Cummings is just fine, okay? At least that’s what she wants us to believe in her new memoir titled, I'm Fine...And Other Lies.
The 34-year-old teased fans today, with the book’s art work. The cover — an image of Cummings keeping her head above water — is reminiscent of that popular “house on fire” meme from last year. It’s a lie we’ve all told someone (or even ourselves) at some point.
“I always told myself I would wait to write a book until I had accumulated enough humiliating mistakes to actually make the read worth your time,” Cummings, revealed to People in an interview last year. “I’ve dated a gay guy, had my hair fall out from not eating enough fat, put family members in rehab, and come very close to spending my life in a Guatemalan prison. I’ve also accumulated a compendium of knowledge that can save you a lot of time.”
According to her publisher the book offers “A hilarious and emotional personal account of the life, times, mistakes, and crippling codependence of [the] comedian, producer, director, actress, and writer.”
The intimate no-holds-barred memoir also gets into the grittier aspects of Cummings’ life: her struggles with eating disorders, love addiction, and the subsequent life lessons she’s learned along the way. Oh yeah, she even discusses vagina steaming.
“I’ve been putting off writing a book for a while because I wanted to make sure I had ample time to make it great and I never thought I’d say this, but I’m also really looking forward to writing in longer stretches than 140 characters or less,” said Cummings.
“I feel like I finally accumulated enough embarrassments, disasters and wisdom to put a book together that can compete with reading the Internet.
The hardcover will be available October 3, 2017. You can pre-order it now.

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