This Unsuspecting Dad Got An Instagram-Worthy Makeover — While Sleeping

Considering her longtime status as America’s most ubiquitous momager, Kris Jenner’s relationship with her six children may be a little bit different from most. She wasn’t upset about her daughter’s sex tape, for example — in fact, she thought it was good for business.
Photo: breevnnv/Twitter.
But despite Jenner’s unique role in her adult offspring’s lives, there’s one common thread that most parents can probably identify with, regardless of whether they’ve had TV cameras following them around their homes for the past decade of their lives: They love nothing more than to taunt her. (Remember when she had an allergic reaction in the Dominican Republic and all her kids did was make fun of her swollen face? Classic.) The dynamic only works because Jenner is actually a pretty good sport — she laughs along with the teasing.
Also a good sport: Twitter user @breevnv’s dad, who awoke from a nap recently to find he’d been given a makeover. And we don’t mean just a little bit of lipstick and bronzer to pretty him up. His daughter gave him a thorough Instagram-worthy beauty look, complete with false lashes, color correcting, cut-crease eyeshadow, highlighter, liquid lipstick, brow gel in his beard — the whole nine yards.
The best part of the video isn’t even the application process. It’s the fact that, after his kids prodded him awake, this dad — after expressing some concern over whether his eyes were glued shut — strolled to the mirror, gave himself a good look, and said simply, “How do you see that being pretty?” Perhaps this is more than just a hilarious video of teenagers behaving badly — maybe it’s also an insightful look into the appeal of Instagram brows and the full-coverage foundation trend. Or maybe not.
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