Amber Rose Shows Off Her Stretch Marks In A Body-Positive New Swimsuit Video

Amber Rose has always been a spokesperson for body positivity. Lately, she's been no different. Even though The Amber Rose Show is maybe-or-maybe-not coming back, she hasn't let her feminist message slip one bit.
Often, that's meant showing off her body in provocative ways. While some sex-negative people consider women putting their bodies on display as an example of self-objectification and subjugation to the male gaze, Rose has always made the distinction clear. The producer of the image and the image's intent have always been the most important things when considering whether or not a woman is being objectified. If she produces the image, stars in the image, controls the distribution of the image, and helps drive conversation with the image, then there really isn't a coherent argument to make that said image is anti-feminist.
Rose has done pioneering work in this field with Slut Walk, which both celebrates women and creates a safe space for sexual expression.
Now, she's done it again with a swimsuit selfie video showing off her stretch marks and cellulite. Rose's messaging has been uncomplicated to the point of simplicity. She's interested in promoting conversation that includes all body types, shapes, and sizes. That doesn't mean airbrushed idealism: Rose has always been careful to showcase what her real, actual body looks like. It's a refreshing change from traditional magazine beauty standards.
Here's the video.

Trappin #cellulite #stretchmarks ?

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And here's an accompanying still.

Bathing suit by @astridbavaresco #heraswim ????

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