Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Are Feuding Again

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are fighting again. You may be thinking, "Not them! They are couple goals and made me believe in love and the beauty of sloths." Not to worry! While yes, all couples, even the most #relationshipgoals ones, do fight, this is not one to worry about. If anything, this is one to follow.
It all began with a mysterious, orange and black, three-wheel motorcycle appearing on the lawn, and the question we would also be asking ourselves, "Excuse me, @daxshepard, WTF is on my front lawn right now?!"

Excuse me, @daxshepard, WTF is on my front lawn right now?!

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This alone would not spark too much controversy, but the plot thickens. Not much more than a week later, it appears again! Two very important details are noted in the caption.
“This thing keeps parking closer to the house. Next I know it will be right next to the lazy boy, front and center in my living room. Please note the car seat and baby helmet on the passenger side. Care to explain, @daxshepard ? #polaris #slingshot,” Bell captioned her post.
A car seat and a baby helmet can be seen in the passenger's seat. No doubt for their daughters Delta and Lincoln. A second, important detail is in reference to a now infamous piece of furniture in the Bell-Shepard household.
This is not the first time that the couple has had a highly public, and even more humorous, "fight." The first being this past March over a La-Z-Boy recliner which Bell referenced in her Instagram post. A quick backstory:
Back in March, the couple had their first Instagram duel which was instigated when Dax Shepard moved his La-Z-Boy recliner into the center of their living room.

This is now my view when watching television at night. You can see how excited I am. #2017lazyboydebate

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In this post, the #2017lazyboydebate was born. Not taking this lying down, maybe reclining but definitely not lying down, Shephard retaliated with an Instagram post of his own.
It seemed as though Shepard won the great Shepard/Bell furniture debate of 2017 proving that sometimes function comes before fashion. So who will come out victorious this time? Only time will tell.

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