Kim Kardashian Wears Virgin Mary Dress Amid Backlash Over That Candle

Photo: Fameflynet Pictures.
In the three and a half months since Kim Kardashian West reemerged on social media and in paparazzi shots, she's been getting a lot of attention, unsurprisingly, for her frequent outfit changes now that she's back on the scene (which have been packed with all sorts of nostalgia-charged pieces). One of her most recent looks has the potential to push some buttons, though. The sheer, bodycon LBD from Dolce & Gabbana had a detail that was pretty hard to miss: an elaborately-beaded portrait of the Virgin Mary in the center of the chest. (The Italian luxury label has often incorporated biblical imagery into its collections over the years, from its couture designs and menswear offerings.)
This isn't the only Virgin Mary-related situation that Kardashian has contended with this week. Her selection of 4/20-themed products, on offer on her Kimoji site, rankled a lot of folks. But not exactly for the reason you'd probably expect: No, it wasn't the explicitly marijuana-themed merch, like the practical smoking accessories (such as rolling papers) or the stereotypical weed-themed garb, including a tie-dye tee that reads "Never not high," that caused the most ire. It was an $18 prayer candle featuring Kimmy as the Virgin Mary.
After she tweeted a gif of the candle (shown below), the Twitter backlash with fast and furious. Some were blunt and succinct in their criticism: "That is the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen," one person replied. Another user shared why, exactly, something that was likely intended as a lighthearted, kitschy gift, or perhaps a new home decor item for the Kim fanatic, could be construed as really offensive: “I’m Catholic, we use candles with images of saints, the Virgin Mary etc. For prayer for healing and other reasons. #disapointed #disrepectful” Others took aim at another member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan that recently had a major publicity snafu: "Kim Kardashian as the Virgin just as horrible as Kendall's Pepsi ad....what's wrong with y'all, y'all that money hungry?" asked another Twitter user.
While the candle has (clearly) struck a nerve on social media, the sacred Christian figure worn on a minidress doesn't seem to have pissed people off (yet). Hey, we're all for the freedom to wear whatever you want to wear, whether or not your every single look is scrutinized to the same degree as a Kardashian's. And, arguably, it's one thing to wear a garment featuring a highly symbolic, religiously-charged motif, and another to actually juxtapose your face onto the likeness of the Virgin Mary. Let us know what you think of Kim's getup (and the candle that precluded said outfit) in the comments below.

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