Gwyneth Paltrow Said The Most Goop Thing Ever About Her New Fragrance

Gwyneth Paltrow, she of the rose-quartz vagina balls and anal sex guide, has just launched a new fragrance, her second under the Goop brand. Edition 02 – Shiso, a follow-up to Paltrow’s cozy Edition 01 – Winter, is described as “a perfume of cool air, pale sun, and new life unfurling on the forest floor.” In other words, it’s an earthy, woodsy ode to spring, and possibly wildlife giving birth.
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Edition 02 – Shiso is also, according to the Goop website, mystical and healing, not to mention some other things perfume usually isn’t. “[The fragrance is] composed entirely of natural elements, harnessing the healing and even mystical powers of plants, flowers, and barks,” a quote from Paltrow reads. These natural elements are more than just non-toxic and safe, she reiterates: “They also have many healing properties.”
Those healing properties, the website explains, come from the notes used to create the fragrance. The star ingredient, shiso leaf, “brings joy, regulates chi, removes stress and anxiety, and ameliorates negativity.” Oakmoss “helps release past wounds and trauma, while encouraging creative expression. Palo santo “clears negative energy, anger, fear, anxiety, and emotional pain while opening the third chakra and crown.”

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Get rid of anger, fear, anxiety, and emotional pain with a single spritz? Sign us up, stat. If Goop is to be believed, then maybe Edition 02 – Shiso is the cure for all your ills. But at $165 a bottle, well, you might just be better off scheduling an appointment with a licensed mental health professional. Or, if you want to check out fragrance before throwing down your cash, Goop is holding a pop-up shop in New York City on Saturday, April 28 from 11 am to 8 pm. It probably won't heal your deep-rooted trauma, but it'll certainly bring joy.
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