Are You The One's Kathryn Palmer admits She's Kind Of Dating Bachelorette's Robby Hayes

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Occasionally when speaking of the various reality TV dating shows and how they’re all so connected, it’s easy to think of this world as one big love-challenged family. Though in this case that would be particularly gross.
It seems two people beat the odds and found love or wait...a friendship? More on that later. Kathryn Palmer from MTV’s Are You The One and Robby Hayes from ABC’s The Bachelorette.
A few days ago Palmer posted an innocent photo of herself, and an unnamed gent, standing in front of an elephant at the Jacksonville Zoo. Though if you look closer you see that’s not just some random dude in a baseball cap, it’s Bachelorette alum, Robby Hayes. “Should we talk about the elephant in the room...” the caption read.
Indeed, let’s. E! News took Palmer up on the offer and in an interview today, Palmer revealed that she and Hayes are dating...a little?

Should we talk about the elephant in the room...?

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“We've been talking a little bit over Instagram and then he got my number and then we chatted a little. We went out. He invited me to his event in Fort Lauderdale so we hung out then. We had a great time," she said to E! In an interview. "We were at the zoo, but we're not taking things too seriously right now because Bachelor in Paradise is an option [for him] so we're just sitting back and seeing what happens."
Though, apparently not only is the reality TV world small, it seems Palmer’s mother is also a fairly connected lady. The Are You The One castmember revealed that her mother was the one who set the two up.
"My mom is friends with someone that knows his sister," she shared. "My mom actually kind of set the whole thing up, so that's kind of funny. So the reason that we met is because of my mom."
But again, they’re not technically dating. So we guess mom just wanted to make sure her daughter, who once looked for love on a dating show, had another friend.
Days prior to elephant-gate, Palmer posted another photo of she and Hayes, referring to him “good looking” during a night out.

They say Florida State has the best looking students.... I agree.

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"As far as dating other people on reality TV, it's nice to be able to connect with someone who's been through a similar experience because they understand it whereas people who haven't been in your shoes in that way don't really understand what you did on TV. They don't understand what the experience was like or the things you are doing now," she said to E!.

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