Solange Debuted A Rad New Hair Color

Photo: Marc Patrick/BFA/Shutterstock/REX.
A certain highlighter-inspired wig may have stolen the show at Coachella, but it wasn't the only hair transformation that made an appearance last weekend. Solange, known for her usually jet-black locks, went a few shades lighter during the desert music festival thanks to her hairstylist, Jawara.
The change has been gradual. Allure reports that last month during Paris Fashion Week, fans noticed that Solange's curls were a bit lighter than usual. But for Coachella, Jawara took the color even further, adding a bold ombré fade and a touch of honey.
"Solange is always evolving as an artist and personally," Jawara told Allure. "She decided she wanted to go lighter with her hair, but not too light, as well as give [her hair] a shorter Afro-chic length."
Jawara described the cut first, saying that the new style is less voluminous than Solange's previous style and that the newer cut is more cropped. But the color is what caught everyone's attention. Jawara explains that it's actually a mix of several hues: "light auburn, honey blonde, and cinnamon brown."
The savvy stylist adds that Solange's new look may be shorter, but it incorporates a more airy feel. Solange was aiming for something light and effortless. Jawara says that this new style's texture lends itself to that. It's versatile, too. She explained that Solange can wear it brushed or tossed up, so she's got a slew of looks at her disposal.
But Jawara knows that Solange's new look wasn't the main draw of Coachella, even though it looks great. She wanted to reflect the feel of the fest through Solange's look.
"I think the whole point of the festival is to be free and express yourself in the more organic fashion while listening to great music," she explained.

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