Bill Nye's New Theme Song Was Produced By This Famous Rapper

Bill Nye's old show was introduced by one of the best songs ever. Bill Nye the Science Guy's original intro features a lot of things: Nye's spinning head, some microscopes, and a lot of chanting of the name "Bill."
His new song will introduce the upcoming Bill Nye Saves the World, which comes to Netflix on April 21. So, so close on that release date. He'll be getting an assist on the song from Tyler, the Creator. (Should have changed his name to Tyler, the Scientist in our opinion.) And it's clear that Tyler has been a fan of Nye's for quite some time. He even had words of praise for the original theme song, which is a classic.
Nye tells Tyler that the new song has a tip of the cap to the original.
"The first one is really sick," Tyler says. "I love the fast pacedness of it. You take out that snare, it could be a house song."
The two obviously like and respect each other, but also don't know how to act together or what to say to or about each other. It's kind of endearing how awkward it is. We love it.
Watch the exchange.
And watch the full trailer for Bill Nye Saves the World below.

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