This Viral Video Mocks Millennial Proposals

We've all agreed, apparently, that it's cool to mock millennials. We're young, we're broke, and we have to actually produce the culture instead of waxing nostalgic about how it was better when we produced the culture. Oh, right, and selfies are a thing, people care about how they present themselves, and our generation is struggling as booming technological innovation further decouples labor from tangible reward.
Never mind that people used to literally paint self-portraits, or that we're in the midst of the biggest social and political upheaval in the past 40 years. Did we mention that selfie sticks are real? Folks, it's a dang stick!
Christian comedian John Crist created a video mocking how millennials might propose marriage. In the video, a man tries to propose to a woman as she asks for increasingly elaborate setups to create the perfect engagement post.
"Ugh," the video seems to say, "young women are the worst. So self-involved!"
But is the girl in the video unjustified? The entire point of the engagement ring is to send a message to the public: The woman wearing the ring is in a relationship. If the engagement were just about the two people being engaged, there would be no ring necessary. So heaven forbid that a woman who is being publicly claimed as a participant in a romantic relationship have a degree of control over the situation. Like, does the man put a ring on until the wedding? No.
Also, her ideas are good and the guy should have been better about composing the video and shot if he wanted her not to put her own vision into the project. She's right, his idea was basic, and if he didn't like her then he shouldn't propose to her. Seriously.
Watch the video below.

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