Ivanka Trump's Latest Tweet About Libraries Is Making Twitter Very Angry

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While the first daughter Ivanka Trump may have her father's ear, she doesn't exactly have him listening to her every word. Now it appears, President Donald Trump doesn't seem too interested in her tweets either.
Elle reports that Ivanka's tweets seem to be in direct conflict with her father's decisions — and that it's happening more and more often. It's a strange situation, especially now that she's a part of the administration in an official capacity.
Recently, Ivanka tweeted about the importance of libraries for National Library Week, but it was after the President proposed a plan to cut funding to the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which is the organization in charge of distributing grants to local and state libraries.
Library twitter responded swiftly. The account @EveryLibrary noted that defunding libraries "hurts hardworking Americans," the same ones that voted for her dad.
"Your father is about to completely defund the federal agency that helps to fund libraries," another person wrote. "You might wanna look into that."
While one user got straight to the point: "Then stop defunding them so you don't look like a hypocrite."
You may want to chalk this tweet up to bad timing, but Elle pointed out that this isn't the first time that Ivanka's tweets — and actions — have come into direct conflict with her dad's choices. Since he's taken the oath and the media has had a chance to document Ivanka's every move, eagle-eyed observers have noticed a growing trend.
Last year, before Trump started his tenure in the Oval Office, Ivanka said that she wanted to be a champion against climate change. Since then, President Trump put a climate-change denier at the head of the EPA. In April, Ivanka met with the Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood. Just this week, Trump signed a major anti-abortion bill that puts states in charge of what happens with Title X money.
Ivanka is also a huge fan of taking her family to museums, she's often spotted at the ballet, and she even takes in a Broadway show every now and then. Almost all of those things receive funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, which Trump proposed to cut entirely. Who needs those sort of things when there's reality TV, right?
Ivanka may be sincerely supporting causes that are close to her heart and that she feels passionate about, but seeing as how her dad doesn't seem to pay any attention, it's coming off as lip service and not public service.

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