This Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Doesn't Bode Well For Spoby Shippers

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Spencer is cozying up to someone new and, according to this Pretty Little Liars spoiler, it's not Toby.
Now that we're in the home stretch of PLL — the show's final 10 episodes begin airing April 18 — it's clear that not all of our ships can make it to the finish line. As much as some of us (read: ME) were hoping that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) would be able to make it work with her high school boyfriend (Keegan Allen), it looks like they both have officially moved on. Toby, of course, is engaged to Yvonne (Kara Royster), and seems intent on marrying her — assuming they both survive that horrific car crash, of course. As for Spence? Well, despite asking Toby for one last kiss in the season 7a finale, she's now more interested in a different cop.
Spencer and Detective Marco Furey (Nicholas Gonzalez) have enjoyed a pleasant flirtationship (not to mention one hot elevator hookup after Spencer's breakup with Caleb) but new spoilers hint that it could be more than the occasional tryst at the Radley between these two. SpoilerTV has the new synopsis for season 7, episode 13 "Hold Your Piece," and in addition to spilling about A.D.'s new game, it also reveals a bit about Spencer's love life:
"Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events. Aria and Emily team up to investigate Sydney for more information about Jenna and her connection to A.D. Spencer grows closer to Detective Furey, while Aria struggles with her current situation with Ezra. Hanna’s turn at the game is more intense than she bargained for and leads to shocking consequences."
Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King seemed to hint that Spencer and Toby's chapter may be over — at least, in terms of romance. She recently tweeted:
"For Spoby fans, they have some beautiful scenes together next Tues. Don't be short sided. Allow the characters to be true to their growth."
"True to their growth" certainly sounds like they will be growing apart — I have a feeling those "beautiful scenes" will be of friendship, hence King telling the audience to be accepting of the characters' journeys.
Sigh. Well, whatever makes these two former love birds happy.

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