21 Times Girls Perfectly Summed Up Your Life

After six seasons of cringe-worthy and all-too-relatable twists and turns, the end of Girls is nigh. In three days, the show that has defined a generation will be taking its last meander through Brooklyn. But while Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshana will hang up their hats as zeitgeist-y millennials, many young women are still stuck floundering in tiny apartments with liberal arts degrees that lose their value by the minute.
Even if the show’s protagonists are distorted, exaggerated versions of generational stereotypes, many of us still can recognize some part of ourselves in their reflection. In a post-Girls reality, we’ll be forced to navigate this whole "growing up" thing without an HBO show to compare our lives to.
Fortunately, Girls leaves behind a six-season legacy of reactions, one-liners, and hilarious moments we can call upon in our most dire straits. Deploy these GIFs when you’re feeling lost in the cosmos, or you know, Brooklyn.
There’s a whole treasure trove on GIPHY, here are the very best of them.

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