Everyone On Girls Turned Into A Monster Over Hannah’s Pregnancy

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Elijah (Andrew Rannells) has served as the comic relief of Girls for six seasons. But, the beloved character veered directly into villain territory on last night’s episode when he served newly-pregnant Hannah (Lena Dunham) the lowest possible blow ever.
In an extremely sad and New York scene, the roommates have a heated argument in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant after Hannah decides to keep her baby. Hannah eventually explains she was hoping raising her child could be something she and Elijah could do "together," like that time they cyber bullied a girl from Barnes & Noble.
Elijah has a very different plan in mind and attacks Hannah over the thing she’s most vulnerable about, whether or not she’s even ready to raise "her baby," as she calls her growing fetus earlier in "Gummies."
"You’re not ready for this," the wannabe actor spits at Hannah.
"I’m gonna say this to your face because no one else will have the guts to. You’re gonna be a terrible mother."
Hannah’s crumpled face illustrates just how cruel that dig is, especially since Elijah then leaves by shoving the crying pregnant woman out of the way.
The worst part of Elijah’s ruthless behavior is he broke Hannah’s heart under the guise of friendship. Yes, someone definitely needs to have a serious and loving discussion with the new mom to-be over whether she’s emotionally, mentally, or financially prepared for the responsibilities of motherhood.
But, Elijah’s barbs don’t fall under this category. His tirade comes from a place of fear over his own stagnant life as he watches everyone around him move forward. Someone who spent their entire morning social media stalking a former a cappella group member probably isn’t in the right headspace to welcome baby news with open arms.
While we would hope Hannah’s mom would offer her daughter a safe space after the blowup with Elijah, Loreen (Becky Ann Baker) says something almost equally as horrible. "I just want you to know, every time I look at your baby I will see my own death," the future grandma whispers before vomiting on herself.
Again, this disturbing comment is all about Loreen's biggest anxieties, as opposed to Hannah’s monumental life choice not to have an abortion. And isn't that the point, really? That Hannah, no matter how broken, is allowed to make this choice?
Thankfully for the pregnant 27-year-old, she finds solace in the most Hannah way possible. The actress playing Hannah in Adam’s autobiographical film tells actual Hannah how pregnancy and motherhood is "the best," while wearing a nearly identical-looking dress and hairstyle.
This might be the first time Hannah’s self-obsession is truly the best thing about an episode.

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