Well, Lena Dunham Just Let Slip Exactly How Girls Ends

While Sunday night's Girls episode threw a lot of curveballs (Hannah and Adam? Ray and Abigail? Jessa's mohair bralette?) the juiciest info came from the "Inside The Episode" that followed the main event. In the clip, creators Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, and Judd Apatow chatted about the most dramatic moments of the episode, and ended up explicitly revealing how the series is going to end. In case it wasn't clear, major Girls spoilers are ahead.
"That whole episode was really emotional to shoot because...I knew it was the last time [Adam Driver and I] were going to do any performing together," Dunham says in the video, which answers the question of whether or not this whole Adam-and-Hannah-raising-a-baby-together thing ends up working out. At least on screen, they're not gonna see each other again.
The actress and writer corroborated this in a photo she posted on Instagram Monday morning.
"There is so much I could say about last night's episode- the gut-wrenching sadness of being Hannah with Adam for the last time and how much he's taught me about vulnerability, authenticity and the power of silence," the caption begins. She goes on to talk about other ways the show has changed her, but people really stuck to that statement in particular.
"I didn't understand that it was the last time Hannah and Adam were going to be together," a fan commented. "I watched the extras when you and Jeni [sic] Konner talked about it and was surprised."
Others knew it was dead by their final scene.
"I've been so invested in Hannah and Adam and have been on edge waiting for them to get back together so I was elated during last nights episode..... then the diner scene!!" another wrote.
But wait, there's more.
"It was a big choice to go, like, 'No, these people actually aren't meant to be together and this complicated relationship [Adam] has with Jessa is where he's supposed to be,'" Dunham continued in the video.
So when Adam goes back to Jessa at the end of the episode, he really is going back to Jessa. Turns out, after six years of turmoil, they're the two that were supposed to be together all along. But where does that leave Hannah? There's only a few more episodes left to find out.

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