What It Means If Hannah Does (Or Doesn’t) Get An Abortion On Girls

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Girls may have become The Elijah Krantz Show with "The Bounce," but the season 6 episode still ended with a look at our true heroine, Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham). The installment closed on a bit of a cliffhanger, as the newly-pregnant writer waits in a family planning clinic. After an especially rough moment in Hannah's pregnancy, it was hard not to wonder if the soon-to-be single mom has decided to have an abortion.
In the few scenes we do get with Hannah in "Bounce" we see her become truly emotional for the first time over the huge life change ahead, as opposed to just getting emotional over how awfully everyone else is reacted to it. The big moment happens when the pregnant 27-year-old fulfills her so-called "moral and ethical duties" and rings Paul-Louis (Riz Ahmed) to tell him he’s going to become a father.
He doesn’t take it well.
"I’m not really ready to have a kid. I feel like a P.O.S. telling you to have an abortion, that’s not really my place, that’s not fair," he stutters. Hannah’s heart-wrenching lip quiver when she hangs up the phone tells us everything we need to know about how she’s feeling.
Although Hannah got exactly what she expected from Paul-Louis, she’s still left in a puddle of tears . "I just thought I could be this, like, brave, cool young mom with like, tattoos and just like, a approach to things. And now, I’m just..." she sobs on Dill Harcourt’s shoulder before trailing off. It’s clear the upsetting conversation may have made Hannah rethink her decision.
After seeing Hannah so confidently decide to continue her pregnancy it would be heartbreaking to watch her reverse that decision simply because Paul-Louis is an immature "water ski instructor" surf instructor. Yes, he’s not ready to be a dad, but Hannah so obviously is ready to be a mom, even though it will be the most difficult thing she’ll ever do. The moment she waves away Fake Hannah’s cigarette smoke at the end of "Gummies" is the moment she unknowingly accepted the mantle of Mom-To-Be.
Thankfully, it’s more than possible Hannah isn’t having an abortion. She could be visiting the clinic for her first official prenatal health exam. As Hannah sits in the waiting room, she looks hopeful while surrounded by many other pregnant woman accompanied by their partners, not sad.
The scene may be signaling Hannah is proud to continue on with her pregnancy — whether or not she has a man to sit down next to her.

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