Chance The Rapper Had The Cutest Arm Candy At The Chicago Bulls Game

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Few things on this earth are as delightful as Chance The Rapper, the Chicago-based artist who won three Grammys at the 2016 awards ceremony. In addition to being a musical prodigy — he's only 23, in case you didn't know — the rapper, née Chancelor Bennett, is a bit of an emotional philanthropist, providing good cheer wherever he goes. His most recent dose of delight arrives via his daughter Kensli, 18 months. Bennett took his daughter to a Chicago Bulls game last night, as People notes. Bennett is presumably a fan, given his devotion to his hometown.
"Look, bubby!" Bennett says in a video posted to Instagram. His daughter, who is barely over a year old, seems to have no interest in the camera. "[The Bulls] just scored, though, that's cool."
According to prior Instagram evidence, the two didn't just attend the game. They also enjoyed some time on the court before the game even started, which Bennett refers to as an "early morning workout." This workout, also documented in a video, involved some push-ups and a few requisite suicides. It must be said: Bennett is pretty good at push-ups. Kensli is not. (It's okay. She's got time to learn.)
"Ready to do these suicides?" he asks in the video. "Let's get it... don't get distracted!" Needless to say, it's all very adorable and just further proof that Chance The Rapper embodies all that is good in the world.

Early morning workout with Kensli. Thanks @chicagobulls

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Bennett's devotion to his daughter has been well documented on social media. In fact, his online presence is practically a shrine to her. In February, the rapper tweeted strict instructions as to how to do his daughter's hair.
He prefaced the instructions: "Doin yo lil baby's hair without that comb hurtin her head cheatcode." Bennett refers to her as "my little weirdo" and has been known to document her toddler dancing skills. It's all very heartwarming — if you're looking to get a little misty-eyed at your desk, I encourage you to take a deep dive into his Instagram presence.
Bennett's love for his daughter feels like the epicenter of all his good deeds. In "Angels," a track from his 2016 mixtape Coloring Book, Bennett promises that he will "clean up the streets, so my daughter can have somewhere to play." He made good on that promise — in March, Bennett donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. As if that weren't enough, the magnanimous rapper bought out every screening of Get Out at a local theater so that anyone could see the movie for free. When he's not churning out music, he's busy attending career day at a Chicago Public School and teaching Kensli about aerospace engineering. And when he can get a free moment between all these good deeds, he'll attend a Bulls game with his daughter.
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