What Happened To The 2% On The Leftovers?

Photo: Ben King/Courtesy of HBO.
The Leftovers is a show built on the unknown. This is no surprise, since the series was created by the man who baffled the world with Lost for six years, Damon Lindelof. While the Justin Theroux-starring HBO show is surrounded by an endless barrage of questions and theories, it's greatest mystery is still where exactly 2% of the population disappeared to on October 14.
On the day of the "Sudden Departure," millions of people vanished into thin air without a single explanation. The Leftovers follows the years after the catastrophic event and all the upsetting things that happen to the people who remained. Season 3, which premieres April 16, will wrap up the confounding-but-beloved series and possibly even give viewers a hint as to what happened to the departed.
Since the Leftovers has such an intriguing core mystery, the detectives of Reddit and the rest of the internet have been investigating what could have happened to the 2% long before season 3 was even on the horizon. We've compiled all the most compelling theories out there, from the craziest ones to the most plausible. Take a look ahead to find out where, exactly, the departed may have gone.

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