This Show's Final Season Is Scary On A Biblical Level

You know those nightmares you have that are so eerily real and terrifying that it takes you a few minutes after waking up to convince yourself it was a dream? That's pretty much exactly how you'll feel after watching this new trailer for the final season of The Leftovers. Every new layer reveals an even more chilling event, starting with a global flood that seems to be biblical in intensity.
As Kevin Garvey and Nora Durst prepare to board a flight to Melbourne, a cheery voice looms over the intercom.
"While worldwide flooding is expected, we should be taking off before the rain begins," it says. "Please be sure to keep your seatbelt fastened as everything you know and love will soon be gone."
Interspersed throughout are clips of fires, fighting, rain, and drowning. Kevin gives one last look at Nora, and their plane takes off. The rest will be revealed in the final eight episodes, beginning on Sunday, April 16 on HBO. By then our heart rate will have finally gone back to normal, only to shoot back up thanks to whatever horrifying events this season has in store.

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