Holy Moly, Could The Departed Still Be Alive On The Leftovers?

Photo: Van Redin/HBO
Fans of The Leftovers have been eagerly awaiting news of the third coming of the series (see what I did there?) and now, word of the new and final season has finally arrived. Well, not just word of the upcoming chapter — we already knew that season 3 of the HBO show would premiere on April 16 — but now we know what to expect when it does. Apparently, "what to expect" is a whole lotta crazy, and even more questions about what the hell is going on. The new trailer for The Leftovers season 3 is a must-watch for any of the show's believers.
So what's going on in HBO's latest promo? Well, for one thing, Justin Theroux's Kevin may be Jesus. Well, not Jesus, exactly, but someone who can walk between the realms of the living and the dead. We know that Kevin is, somehow, able to cross these planes — hence his bizarre karaoke experience in the season 2 finale — but why him, and for what purpose, is still up for debate. The new trailer teases that it might be because he's, well, some version of the Christian icon — he certainly has the beard for it.
If Kevin is some sort of "savior," perhaps he could be the one to stop what may be coming. Folks are now terrified that the seven year anniversary of the departure will bring on the end of the world. Will it? If so, what a series finale!
Then, there's Nora (Carrie Coon). The woman who lost just about everything is still reeling from the departure (and from all of the other crazy shit that's gone down in the years since) but season 3 may give her what she never would have expected. At the end of the trailer, an anonymous voice "calling on the behalf of a third party" asks Nora if she would like to see her children again. (!!!)
All of this is set to ABBA's (somehow suddenly chilling) "S.O.S." Guess I won't be able to watch Mamma Mia without thinking about the apocalypse.

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