Bella Thorne Is Down To Date Kristen Stewart

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Bella Thorne is about to be everywhere. With a new show premiering on Freeform next week, aptly titled Famous In Love, the former Disney Channel star is going through a transition that many of the biggest names in music and showbiz have gone through: from "puppet" to independent woman.
Much like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Thorne is using her interviews to set up a new narrative for herself, one that strays from the goody-too-shoes image of her early career. The 19-year-old shares that she had her first modeling gig at six weeks old, and since then has regularly been appearing in ads, shows, and films of ranging popularity. But more so than being known for her characters, Thorne is most famous for her presence on social media, where she has millions of followers on both Instagram and Twitter. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Thorne addressed the pressure of having that many eyes on her at all times, and how her life has changed since she shared with her fans that, like many other women and men, she is bisexual.
While on set dressed as the late Marilyn Monroe (a photo shoot trope that should disappear, but that's for another day), Thorne explained that even though she made the announcement about her future potential relationships, she has actually never dated a girl — but she would really like to. And she knows exactly who. "I've done other stuff with girls, but I really want to actually date a girl," she told the magazine. "I can't tell if a girl is hitting on me or she just wants to be friends. And I don't want to flirt with a girl if she thinks I'm just being her friend. What if I kiss a girl and she's like 'Oh, I'm just your friend dude, I can't believe you just crossed that boundary.' I'm confused on what they want from me."
So, who is her dream girl right now? That would be Kristen Stewart. "She's so hot. She seems like the raddest chick, I'd be so down." Unfortunately for Thorne, who says she is super single, Stewart is currently taken. But it's still nice to see her using her platform to be more inclusive and open to all types of relationships (except ones that lead to her being the subject of fake headlines, like she says happened with singer Charlie Puth).

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