The Ridiculous Reason Madonna's Daughter Is Getting Bullied

Photo: Pacific Coast News.
It’s 2017. The ice caps are melting, the U.S. dropped 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria last week, and someone wrote an obituary for the Great Barrier Reef. And yet, for reasons unknown, some people still feel it’s their duty to publicly express concern over what’s going on in the armpits of strangers.
The obsession with keeping vs. getting rid of armpit hair is basically the equivalent of demanding people shave their heads just because you prefer yours shaved — but that hasn’t stopped people on the internet from giving celebrities grief for their personal body hair decisions. Less than a month after Paris Jackson shared in her Instagram Stories that she’d been subjected to a surprising amount of criticism after revealing her own underarm bush, Madonna’s 20-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon has captured the comments of Instagram users with nothing else to do for the same reason.
It’s all thanks to a sliver of armpit hair that was photographed on the beach in Miami, where Leon was photographed hanging out with friends on the beach. (Can’t a girl spend a little time in the sun without strangers finding something to get upset about?) Celebrity and entertainment site Just Jared shared one of the paparazzi shots to their Instagram, which people naturally took as an open invitation to share their opinions on a thing that simply does not concern them.

#Madonna's daughter #LourdesLeon hangs on the beach with friends.

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Some commenters jumped to Leon’s defense, making the valid point that it seriously does not matter at all one way or another whether someone that isn’t you chooses to keep their body hair or remove it. Others said things like, “Always we say that feminists are ugly dirty fat women. This post proof that thing. All who defend on hairy disgusting armpit are feminists.”
Well, then — you can probably guess whose side we’re on. (That would be the feminists, "hairy disgusting armpit" and all.)
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